How to increase semen volume? Best supplements and practice guideline!

A typical semen volume ranges from 1.5 ml to 5 ml per ejaculation. 5 ml is about the amount of 1 teaspoon. I did a self-experiment and I managed within 2 months to almost triple my semen volume.

How did I triple my semen volume within 2 months?

Let me walk you trough step by step. Firstly you need to know that the semen volume is influenced by a few parameters that we can not change. Which are: Genetics and age. Besides that there are numerous strategies as to how to increase semen volume.

When I started my 2 months trial I made sure that I follow a few basic rules that will help me to maximize the outcome.

Basis rules to follow:

Sleep. Make sure you sleep between 7 and 8 hours every day. And I mean really every day. Its important.

Hydration. Drink plenty of water to make sure your body stays hydrated. I drank between 3 and 4 liters every day. As soon as I woke up I drank a big glass of water which is important as your body dehydrates while you are asleep. Drink water or tea or zero calorie drinks and avoid liquids that contain sugar.

Activity. Exercise for at least 20 minutes per day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator or do a little home workout before going to bed. This will help to increase your blood flow.

All clear? What next?

Food. Food is basically the most important factor in order to increase semen volume. Eating the right foods will boost your semen volume up to the next level. Now what foods should you eat? Its not just one particular type of food, basically the secret is a combination of different foods that will make the difference.

My food formula to almost triple my semen volume within 2 months:

20 - 25 mg Zinc per day.

1 - 2 gram Vitamin C per day.

20 gram BCAAs per day.

It is important that you avoid supplementing the above if possible but to cover the amounts by eating real food.

Foods that that contain high amounts of Zinc:

All kinds of beans, nuts and seeds. (Eg. Pumpkin seed or Cashew nuts.)

Foods that contain high amounts of Vitamin C:

All kinds of fruits and vegetables. (Eg. Broccoli, Peppers and all kind of citrus fruits.)

Foods that contain high amounts of Bcaas:

All kinds of meat and dairy products. (Eg. Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Cheese and Eggs.)

Another important point that helped me to increase semen volume is: Masturbation.

What I have realized is that it is not important how long or how frequent you masturbate, but the way you execute it. You can consider it more like a training session than anything else, but here is what I did:

Each time I masturbated, I stopped right before the orgasm. I stopped and used my thumb and index finger to form a ring and pressed together at the shaft of my penis. After pressing for 5 - 10 seconds, I waited 1-2 minutes and then I continued. I was repeating this process 3 - 4 times each time I was masturbating.

And now the most important point is that I did not finish by having an orgasm. I stopped without and I did this 4 times out of 5. Which means if you masturbate 5 times, you should have an orgasm only once. This is why I called it rather a training session but believe it or not this is the key for success.

I noticed the first increase of semen volume after about 3 weeks. As I was not satisfied with my results yet I decided to supplement with 600 mg of Tongkat Ali per day. Tongkat Ali is a herbal testosterone booster and is well known to increase testosterone levels naturally. If you want to increase your libido naturally, I can definitely recommend Butea Superba.

I believe that a combination of all the above has helped me to almost triple my semen volume within 2 months. There are no secrets or hidden tricks. All you need is a little bit of self-discipline and stamina to succeed.

In case you have any questions as to how increase semen volume naturally, please leave a comment below.

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Tongkat Ali benefits for female

Are there any benefits for female when taking Tongkat Ali?

As we all know that Tongkat Ali comes with great benefits for men, but what about females? What not many people know is that Tongkat Ali has great effects to a women bodies as well.

What are those benefits?

Tongkat Ali as Energy booster

Tongkat Ali works as Energy booster for female. Many women have problems with low hormone levels. As a result they feel weak and have less energy during the day. By taking Tongkat Ali women can raise their hormone levels back to normal and they will feel a great boost of energy.

Tongkat Ali as natural libido support

Women can increase their libido when taking Tongkat Ali. Especially for women who are in their 30s and 40s will greatly benefit.

Tongkat Ali to control weight

Women can control their weight by taking Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali can stabilize the hormone levels which plays an important role in weight control. If your hormone levels are out of normal it can make you eating more than you actually want or need. Tongkat Ali will help to bring the hormone level back to normal.

Mood support

If your hormone levels are down, most likely your mood will follow. This can lead to depression and lesser activity. Tongkat Ali keeps your testosterone levels on a high level, therefore you can benefit from better mood.

Promotes skeletal health

Low testosterone levels are a major reason to develop osteoporosis. Osteoporosis will lead to weak and fragile bones. Tongkat Ali with its characteristics to increase your hormone levels can contribute to maintaining and improving superior bone health.

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GNC, an US company, is focused on the retail sale of health and nutrition related products, including vitamins, supplements, minerals, herbs, sports nutrition, male enhancement pills, diet, and energy products.

Many people from all over the world are searching also for Tongkat Ali products on the GNC website. Today we will take a closer look at their 2 most popular Tongkat Ali products GNC has currently in their online shop.

Product No. 1: Source Naturals® Tongkat Ali Male Libido Tonic

Product No. 2: Now® Testo Jack 100™

We are going to find out whether or not we can recommend buying these products based on the information displayed on the GNC website and on the product label itself.

The criteria we are going to look at are the ingredients and the quality/price ratio of both products. Again, in the end we are only considering the amount of Tongkat Ali per product, as this is what we are interested in and as this is what matters in the end when buying a Tongkat Ali product.

As everyone should know when buying a Tongkat Ali product, there should be only one ingredient inside the capsules and this is Tongkat Ali.

Lets get started:


In general, to be able to properly determine the quality of Tongkat Ali, we need to be able to see the following information on the label:

Ingredient break down per capsule


Weight per capsule

Product No.1: Source Naturals® Tongkat Ali

Ingredient break down per capsule: LJ100® Eurycome longifolia root extract (40% Gluco Saponins 22% Eurypeptides) (80mg), Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Modified cellulose gum, Silica

Concentration of Tongkat Ali: No information on the GNC website nor on the product label provided.

Weight per capsule: No information on the GNC website nor on the product label provided.

Summary: OK, we know we have 80mg Tongkat Ali per capsule, its alright. However, what we don't know is in which quality/concentration. Is there a 1:50 extract or a 1:200 extract in the capsules, we don't know. Plus, there are other ingredients in the capsule that are not needed.

--> Can not really say much about the quality of the product as there are some information missing to be able to judge. In my opinion you don't really know what you are buying and is this good? I guess not.

Price: 80mg Tongkat Ali extract per capsule x 60 capsules per bottle = 4,800mg per bottle. Current selling price on GNC website per bottle is USD 41.58. To break this down and to be able to make this result comparable to other Tongkat Ali products:

For 1 USD you get 115.44mg of Tongkat Ali (of unknown concentration/quality)


Product No.1: Now® Testo Jack 100™

Ingredient break down per capsule: Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) 3.50 mg, Magnesium (from magnesium aspartate) 150.00 mg, Zinc (Monomethionine and Aspartate) 10.00 mg, ZMA® 808.00 mg, Eleuthero Root (Eleutherococcus senticosus) 300.00 mg, Tribulus terrestris fruit (Protodioscin 20%) 250.00 mg, LJ100® Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) 50mg. --> (Serving Size 2 Vcaps, Servings Per Container 60, which means 120 capsules per bottle.)

Concentration of Tongkat Ali: No information on the GNC website nor on the product label provided.

Weight per capsule: No information on the GNC website nor on the product label provided.

Summary: As we can see from the list of ingredients, there are many other ingredients than Tongkat Ali inside. If you are after Tongkat Ali only, this might not be the most efficient supplement for you. There might be some synergetic effects, however is the amount of Tongkat Ali provided even enough to experience some noticeable results? I doubt it.

Price: 50mg Tongkat Ali per capsule x 120 capsules per bottle = 6,000mg per bottle. Current selling price on GNC website per bottle is USD 42.99. To break this down and to be able to make this result comparable to other Tongkat Ali products:

For 1 USD you get 139.57mg of Tongkat Ali (of unknown concentration/quality)


Now if we compare the above to another Tongkat Ali product, lets see what we get.

Product No. 3: Tongkat Ali root extract from Sumatra Pasak Bumi

Ingredient break down per capsule: Tongkat Ali root extract

Concentration: 1:200 extract

Weight per capsule: 300mg per capsule

Price: 300mg Tongkat Ali root extract per capsule x 100 capsules per bottle = 30,000mg per bottle. Current selling price on our website per bottle is USD 69.95. To break this down and to be able to make this result comparable to other Tongkat Ali products:

For 1 USD you get 428.88mg of real Tongkat Ali root extract from Indonesia.

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Should I buy Tongkat Ali products from GNC website? I think the above facts are clear enough and everybody can draw their own conclusions.

In case you have questions to the above, please drop us a message. We hope you enjoyed reading our article, see you soon!

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