How do I know whether I buy FAKE Tongkat Ali or genuine Tongkat Ali?

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Many people turn to us asking how to determine the difference between fake Tongkat Ali and genuine Tongkat Ali, BEFORE actually buying it. This is a really good question and I am really glad that many people obviously ask themselves before buying. It has not been the case that much a couple of years ago where we did not have the knowledge and awareness of seeing the difference between fake Tongkat Ali and real Tongkat Ali.

As we know the internet is flooded with Fake Tongkat Ali products, from what I have seen, at least 80-90% of the shops are selling fake Tongkat or Tongkat Ali in minor quality. So how can I know that? First indicator to me is the price that is offered. Our company has been buying Tongkat Ali directly from the source in Indonesia. As for all other supplements there are market prices. If I see that a shop claims to sell real Tongkat Ali even under the market price that we get directly from the manufacturer, I believe that at least it can be questioned whether or not the product is real. In the past indeed we made a few purchases from several shops and indeed it turned out that if they claimed to sell 1:200 Tongkat Ali extract, it was not even a 1:50 extract. In 2-3 case we were not even able to identify what the powder exactly was.

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I can understand that people always search for the best deals and the cheapest prices on the internet, however a little bit of research in advance does not harm anyone. Many people are so attracted by the cheap prices and they think the purchase genuine Tongkat Ali. We had many case were people were really disappointed as they did not feel any effects and benefits. And this in the end makes people think that Tongkat Ali does not work. What I can tell you it does, however you need to invest a little bit of money. Tongkat Ali is not cheap and if you know, then dont buy it cheap. It will bring you not any further except wasting your money and being disappointed that the product doesnt work.

So price is one thing. The 2nd indicator for me to decide whether a supplier is selling real or fake Tongkat Ali is the initial source of the product itself. I always drop an email to the vendor asking from which source/manufacturer they are buying from. I can understand many people dont want to release their sources, on the other hand there are not that many bigger Tongkat Ali manufacturers and they can be easily found on the internet, so why do some vendors have to hide their sources. To me it doesnt make any sense. We buy our Tongkat Ali extract from Sumatra Pasak Bumi in Indonesia. Everyone can contact them through their website and ask if our shop is a regular client of them and what kind of product we regularly purchase. I would like to motivate you also to ask the vendor of your choice to let you know from which manufacturer they purchase their products from and you can then directly check with the manufacturer whether or not the statement is true. If the vendor does not want to give you their supplier and in case they can not give you a clear explanation or a reason why, I personally would be very careful buying anything from this source.

The third indicator beside the price and the source of the product is, whether or not the description on the vendors shop is clear and shows all all the important details for you to know, in order to compare this product to other products from other shops and to be able to take the right decision. What every shop that is selling Tongkat Ali should state clearly in their product description are the following minimum details:

What is the product inside the capsule? Does it clearly indicate 100% Tongkat Ali root extract or does it just say 100% Tongkat Ali? There is a huge price difference between 100% Tongkat Ali extract and 100% Tongkat Ali root extract. Root extract always should be more expensive.

In case there are other herbs or supplements mixed into 1 capsule, you need to know the exact composition of each ingredient per capsule. In general I would avoid a product that contains more than 1 ingredient per capsule as you will never be able to find out what exactly is in the capsule.

What is the weight of each capsule? It needs to state clearly the weight of each capsule. If not weight (e.g. 200mg or 300mg) is indicated, I would not recommend to buy this product.

What is the concentration of the Tongkat Ali extract? It needs to say clearly as to whether the concentration of the Tongkat Ali extract is 1:50 or 1:100 or 1:200 for example. Without this information you can not know what you are buying and it is not possible to put the price and the product itself into relation to each other. I would not recommend to buy any Tongkat Ali product except the above 3 indicators are all clearly mentioned in the product description.

From my experience, if you follow the above rules you can at least minimize the risk of buying Fake Tongkat Ali and investing a little bit of time doing some little research ahead can save you some serious money and what is more important, it can prevent you from experiencing some serious disappointments afterwards.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and I hope we can see each other soon.

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