Butea Superba - The natural viagra

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Butea Superba - What is Butea Superba?

Butea Superba is a medicinal plant originated in Southeast Asia. The plant is particularly widespread in Thailand and popular with men and women due to its libido enhancing properties.
In countries like Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, Butea Superba is highly valued since decades and is recognized as a herbal medicinal plant.

Butea Superba is still largely unknown in the US but is recently getting more and more attention. We are proud to be among just a few shops in the US to offer highly dosed Butea Superba extract imported from Thailand.

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Butea Superba: Effects and scope of application

Most people take Butea Superba to counteract or combat erectile dysfunction and to enhance libido levels naturally.


Butea Superba also has other positive properties, which include:

  • Increase in libido

  • Reduce cholesterol

  • To reduce everyday fatigue and fatigue

  • Natural enhancement of potency

  • Improve heart health

  • Help with bladder problems (prostate)

Butea Superba: Origin of our product

We import our Butea Superba from our long-term partner PT Sumatra Pasak Bumi out of Thailand. (Website: www.tongkatali.org)

The plants are grown under the supervision of the local government and harvested in the north of Thailand.

Butea Superba: Dosage recommendation

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Butea Superba for libido increase and erectile dysfunctrion:
4 capsules daily before or with meals. (2 capsules in the morning, 2 capsules in the evening)

Butea Superba in combination with Tongkat Ali to increase the body's testosterone and libido levels:

If you are already taking Tongkat Ali and would like to use Butea Superba in a complementary manner, we recommend taking 1 capsule of Butea Superba in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening in addition to your usual Tongkat Ali intake.
As a standard dosage recommendation, you can use the following plan as a guide:

Butea Superba & Tongkat Ali in combination:
Morning: 2 Tongkat Ali capsules + 1 Butea Superba capsule
Evening: 1 capsule of Butea Superba