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Best Tongkat Ali supplement on the market!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Are you looking for the best Tongkat Ali supplement?

Find out why this is the best Tongkat Ali that you will ever find.




How does someone determine the best Tongkat Ali supplement?


We believe that TTAShop offers what it takes to be called one of the best, if not THE best. Make up your own mind and decide yourself by reading through the below facts:



Origin: Tongkat Ali is originated in South-East Asia, primarily in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and China.


There are massive quality differences depending of the country of origin. Indonesia is the country with the widest population of wild growing Tongkat Ali, controlled by the Indonesian government. The harvesting is strictly controlled and only allowed by a few companies which have obtained a license.


TTAShop is happy to work with one of the most reputable Tongkat Ali manufacturers in Indonesia, named UD Sumatra Pasak Bumi. They are experts in this filed and harvest mostly wild growing Tongkat Ali plants that are at least 10 years or older.


We do not recommend buying Tongkat Ali from cultivated farms, as the number of active ingredients is remarkable lower compared to wildly harvested Tongkat Ali.



Click here for more information about Tongkat Ali and our partnership with UD Sumatra Pasak Bumi.



Manufacturer: TTAShop has been working for several years with UD Sumatra Pasak Bumi of Indonesia. They are the inventors of the 1 to 200 Tongkat Ali root extract. Harvesting wild Tongkat Ali is strictly controlled by the Indonesian government to guarantee sustainability and we are proud to their long-term partner.



Learn here how to determine FAKE Tongkat Ali from real Tongkat Ali:




Availability: TTAShop provides an alliance of partners that have joined forces in our TTAShop network, which is the first Tongkat Ali network of its kind. Throughout our network we have presences in 15+ countries worldwide and offer our services in different languages. Our mission is to make Tongkat Ali available to everyone in any part of the world.



Interested in setting up your own Tongkat Ali Ecommerce shop? TTAShop provides the perfect solution. Click here to find out more.



Purity: TTAShop Tongkat Ali consist of 100% Tongkat Ali root extract. No additives and no fillers, just 100% of the pure product. Our Tongkat Ali is available in the highest potency that is currently available on the market. (Potency 1 to 200)



Make sure to read our Tongkat Ali bible, the ultimate Tongkat Ali buying guide for all the facts and important information that you should know, before buying Tongkat Ali. Click here to read our Tongkat Ali bible.



Quality: Did you know that there are different qualities on the market? Tongkat Ali is offered very often as Tongkat Ali (powder) or Tongkat Ali Extract. Thise products are not made from the root parts of the Tongkat Ali plant and therefore of minor quality.


In the roots are 99% of the active ingredients, therefore we recommend to carefully read the product label before buying and to ensure that it is written “Tongkat Ali root extract”, otherwise you end up buying a product of minor quality with little or less effectiveness.



Learn here the difference between Tongkat Ali, Tongkat Ali extract and Tongkat Ali root extract:




Price: Compared to its quality, TTAShop Tongkat Ali offers the most competitive prices. If you sign up to our newsletter you can even profit more from our 10%, 15% or even sometimes 20% discount codes.

Sign up to our newsletter here.



Service: Our team is working 24/7 and is always available in case of any questions. Please us the contact form to send us your request.



We believe that all the facts above combined make us providing the best Tongkat Ali supplement available on the market.

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