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THE TONGKAT ALI BIBLE - The ultimate GUIDE (Updated)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Are you also confused by reading different information about Tongkat Ali all over the internet?


Well, you are not alone I can tell you that!


What if there is a site that covers every important aspect about Tongkat Ali including a detailed step-by-step guideline?


Consider yourself lucky! 



You have just found:




This is the ultimate guideline, all you need to know about Tongkat Ali on a single page. And the best of it: This guide will be constantly updated and expanded. How awesome is that?


Lets not waste time and jump right into it.


I dont think we need to go through all the boring stuff first and explain what Tongkat Ali is, right?



However, in case you are interested, I have written a detailed article about what Tongkat Ali is and you can read it here.



Alright, let get started:


Tongkat Ali is all about Quality. If you want that Tongkat Ali works for you, you need to have an in-depth understanding over several characteristics that are typical for a Tongkat Ali supplement.


Dont make the same mistakes I made before and that many people still do over and over again.


Here is what you need to know: 



1. Tongkat Ali Quality


Tongkat Ali origin: 

Tongkat Ali is native to Indonesia, Malaysia and in lesser extent to China, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Most Tongkat Ali products come either from Indonesia or from Malaysia.


Yes, there is a lot of cheap Chinese quality on the market as well that you will find primarily in the South-East Asian countries.


As far as Europe and North America are concerned, most Tongkat Ali products you can find are either imported from Indonesia or Malaysia. 


So lets compare the quality between Tongkat Ali from Indonesia and Tongkat Ali from Malaysia.



There are 2 main differences to consider:

First difference: Naturally grown Tongkat Ali vs. Cultivated Tongkat Ali. In Indonesia, most of the Tongkat Ali trees harvested, have still grown naturally over several years deep in the rain forest and very far from civilization.


These trees and in particular the roots contain naturally a very high level of active compounds compared to cultivated Tongkat Ali trees.


In Malaysia, the population of naturally grown Tongkat Ali trees are far smaller compared to Indonesia. Therefore, most Tongkat Ali products manufactured in Malaysia come from cultivated Tongkat Ali trees. These trees are harvested already after 2-3 years and they contain less active compounds that Tongkat Ali trees that have naturally grown for 10-12 years. 


Second difference: Contaminant loads. There is evidence that many Tongkat Ali products from Malaysia contain high rates of lead, mercury and other heavy metals.


Of course it does not mean that all herbal supplements, including Tongkat Ali, that are being produced in Malaysia are contaminated with heavy metals.


Click on the pictures below if you want to read the entire analysis.


Analysis of lead content in herbal preparations in Malaysia.



Contamination of mercury in Tongkat Ali hitam herbal preparations.


The above studies indicate that herbal traditional medicines from Malaysia, including Tongkat Ali, do face severe issues with heavy metal contamination in their products.


On a personal note, I would not like to take supplements that could possibly harm my health, especially as we are talking about a natural health supplement. 




Buy Indonesian Tongkat Ali



Tongkat Ali quality levels: Tongkat Ali equals Tongkat Ali? It would be too easy to be true!


Have you ever wondered why the price levels from one Tongkat Ali product to another can be drastically different?


Is it just because one vendor takes higher profit margins than the other? No, its not that simple, there is more to the story;


Let me explain you what is happening:

The simple answer to above question which applies to the majority of the products offered online is: Quality! Period.


Lets get more into details:


What parts of the Tongkat Ali tree can be used to produce herbal medicine? Correct, ALL parts can be used. Even the parts that do not contain or just little active compounds.


Does it make sense to use even the parts of the Tongkat Ali tree that do not contain active ingredients?


YES it does! But not for you as a buyer. 


Why? Because it makes a cheap product that can be sold expensive under the name "Tongkat Ali".


Remember, only the roots of the Tongkat Ali tree contain a high percentage and high density of active compounds.


It is crucial to understand that there are different quality standards available on the market. 


How to differentiate between different Tongkat Ali qualities? There are three main qualities that need to be differentiated:


Lowest and cheapest product standard: Tongkat Ali powder.

Tongkat Ali powder is literally useless. To produce Tongkat Ali powder, all parts of the tree, except the roots, are used to produce Tongkat Ali powder. The percentage of active ingredients is so low, your body will not even notice anything. If you buy a supplement that contains Tongkat Ali powder, you might as well throw your money straight outside the window. Trust me, the effect is the same.


Industry standard: Tongkat Ali Extract.

Tongkat Ali extract is just a concentrated, not standardized form of Tongkat Ali powder. Still, pretty much useless. 


People tend to believe that an extract is always better than a non-concentrated formula. Well, in this case it is only partially true.


What if the non-concentrated formula is already non-effective and useless, why would you need to buy an extract of it and potentially even pay more? I personally dont know, it just doesnt make any sense.


Lets have a closer look at some actual product labels of Tongkat Ali supplements that are currently being sold online. 


If you click through the below gallery, you can see from the ingredients label, that all the product contain Tongkat Ali extract.

Does this mean that these products are of low quality? No!


It does not give you an indication of the quality that is being offered, but what the labels are telling you, is what product is being offered. In the above cases, the product that is being offered is "Tongkat Ali extract". 


Highest product standard: Tongkat Ali root Extract.

What appears to be just a small little detail, does the entire trick!


What you need to check carefully before buying Tongkat Ali, is what is written on the product label.


Dont get fooled by products that are offered and described as "Tongkat Ali", Tongkat Ali Extract" or "Tongkat Ali 1:200 extract", that make you think that your are actually buying the most effective formula available on the market. Certainly not! 


If you want to buy the highest product standard, you need to look out for the following descriptions on the product label: 


"Tongkat Ali root extract" or "Tongkat Ali root extract powder"




It changes everything if you understand that there are huge differences between Tongkat Ali powderTongkat Ali extract and Tongkat Ali root extract. It is literally like three completely different products.


Once you figured that out, we can look even further into different concentration levels. On the above label you can see that it says Tongkat Ali "1:200" root extract.



Below are the 3 most common Tongkat Ali standardization (concentration) levels of which "1:200" is the highest concentrated and the one containing the highest number of active compounds: 


1:200 stands for the level of concentration. 200 KG of Tongkat Ali root extract have been further concentrated to produce 1 KG of Tongkat Ali root extract. 


1:100 stands for the level of concentration. 100 KG of Tongkat Ali root extract have been further concentrated to produce 1 KG of Tongkat Ali root extract. 


1:50 stands for the level of concentration. 50 KG of Tongkat Ali root extract have been further concentrated to produce 1 KG of Tongkat Ali root extract.




Buy Tongkat Ali root extract



2. Tongkat Ali Scammers


Oh, yes. One of my favorite topics. :)


What is the definition of a scammer? 

Definition of a scammer: "One who does everything in his/her power to steal from another, usually by means of trickery, deceit, and force.


How to spot or identify a Tongkat Ali scammer?


This indeed is a very difficult task. Especially if you buy Tongkat Ali online and not in a physical store. But, the answer again is very simple: Knowledge!


Having the knowledge about the different Tongkat Ali products as described above, help you to identify a fake or false offer. Although this does not give you a 100% guarantee, but it is the best possible way to avoid tricky scammers.


Sorry to say that there is no magic trick, all you need is simply: Product knowledge.


Lets have a detailed look at some very obvious scam practices. Lets not forget what the definition of scammer is. Trickery is one method scammers use. 


Look at the following pictures and check if you can spot any attempt of trickery:



Any sign of trickery? Exactly! The use of false statements like "Tongkat Ali increases penis size" is a very common practice among scammers. Dont fall for empty promises like that.



Below is a similar example, but using other techniques:



Did you spot anything suspicious? No? Then you need to look closer.


I know its a bit difficult to spot but with the right product knowledge it becomes quite obvious.


What you need to look for in above example is the ratio between quality vs. price that is being offered. 


In above example, 100 capsules of Tongkat Ali extract are offered at USD 105.


What has been offered? Exactly. Tongkat Ali extract and not Tongkat Ali root extract. Offering Tongkat Ali extract (100 capsules) at USD 105 is in my personal opinion ridiculously overpriced and is a 1st class price extortion. Not even legit Indonesian Tongkat Ali root extract in 1:200 concentration, which is the most advanced quality, will cost this much.



To make it easier spotting signs of price trickery and scam attempts, I have defined a simple to follow price guideline: 


Tongkat Ali powder

30 gram (30,000 Milligram)

Retail selling price ranges between USD 10 - 20


Tongkat Ali Extract

30 gram (30,000 Milligram)

Retail selling price ranges between USD 25 - 35*


Tongkat Ali root extract

30 gram (30,000 Milligram)

Retail price ranges between USD 60 - 85*


*Depending on concentration level offered (1:50, 1:100, 1:200)


If you spot any product that significantly falls out of the above price ranges, you might get scammed with false statements or you might just get massively overcharged. 


How do I know that the above price ranges are industry conform?

I have been working since several years (10+) in the industry. We have price lists from different manufacturers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China and therefore know exactly what the market prices are. 


A retailer or distributor who purchases directly from the manufacturer usually operates on a 20-30% mark up. Which means, manufacturer wholesale price + 20-30% distributor mark up = retail selling price.




Product knowledge is key


3. Scientific evidence


Time talking facts! 

What does science have to say about Tongkat Ali? 


Dont worry, I got you all covered with the .


Effects on libido: 

An increase in libido is seen with prolonged daily ingestion of Tongkat Ali supplements in the range of 8.4-10.8%.

View entire study: 


Effects on sperm quality:

Tongkat Ali may increase parameters of sperm quality and volume. 

View entire study:  


Effects on Well-Being: In otherwise normal men supplementing Tongkat Ali, an increase in overall quality of life and happiness is seen.

View entire study here:  


Effects on testosterone: Although the protective effects of Tongkat Ali on the testicles and the profertility effects may result in a slight increase in testosterone in infertile men.

View entire studies here: 




4. Tongkat Ali facts


Personally, I have taken Tongkat Ali regularly for more than 10 years.


I have tried and tested different products, different cycles and I am going to share my personal experiences.


Before I start let me explain something very important. My personal experiences and the information I am going to share below as a long time Tongkat Ali consumer might be useful to you, however the crucial and important part I would like you to understand and execute, are the above mentioned information. 


Educate yourself, acquire knowledge and embrace! 




Now lets talk about my personal Tongkat Ali consumption.


Some personal data first:

I am a 39 years old male, 180 cm tall and weighing currently about 85 KG, which is about 187 Lbs. I regularly work out in the gym and I would describe my figure as athletic and in shape.



Tongkat Ali dosage:


When do I take Tongkat Ali?

I found out that dosage is quite an important point. As Tongkat Ali is a rather expensive supplement, we should try to take the most out of it. For me it never worked well, taking Tongkat Ali together with food or even after a meal.


I never experienced the same positive effects as when taking Tongkat Ali in the morning before breakfast, which is what I currently do. And I would recommend the same to anybody else. 


However, taking Tongkat Ali in the morning before breakfast can cause some slight troubles to your stomach. I have experienced a few times that I often had to burp due to having to much gas in my stomach. And this is when the bitterness of the products comes up your throat and at times, the taste can be quite bothersome.


I recommend having the first meal soon (15-20 minutes) after you take Tongkat Ali.


How much Tongkat Ali do I take?

I take Indonesian Tongkat Ali root extract in 1:200 concentration.


Currently I stay with 2 capsules a day (600mg) and I am on a 5/2 cycle. Which means that I take Tongkat Ali for 5 consecutive days, following 2 days off.


I have been following this cycle since quite a while now and for me this is the best cycle for permanent use. 


Why do I take Tongkat Ali?

I take Tongkat Ali personally as a mood enhancer and activity booster.



Tongkat Ali benefits:


What are my personal benefits when taking Tongkat Ali?

For me, Tongkat Ali works as a general herbal tonic. There are many small benefits I experience permanently that sum up to an overall much higher and better health-related quality of life.


What Tongkat Ali does for me: 

  • Tongkat Ali gives me more energy.

  • Tongkat Ali sharpens my mind. 

  • Tongkat Ali increases my self-confidence.

  • Tongkat Ali increases my sexual desire.

  • Tongkat Ali stimulates my metabolism.


Tongkat Ali side effects: 


What are the side effects taking Tongkat Ali?

As we were talking about benefits, surely we have to mention possible side effects as well.


To my knowledge, there is no product, not even a herbal product, that comes with noticeable benefits but no side effects at all.


So it is not surprising to me that taking Tongkat Ali must have some noticeable side effects as well.  


Side effect number 1:

Less sleep. Since I take Tongkat Ali, my body literally needs less sleep. I always used to sleep my 8 hours straight a night, but since taking Tongkat Ali, I can hardly finish the 7 hours mark. 


Now you might think that sleeping 1 hour less per night has an impact on my daily activity level. Yes it absolutely does! But in a positive way. I feel much more aware of my environment and feel a high level of energy compared to when I was sleeping 8 hours a night.


Side effect number 2:

At times I can become slightly aggressive. :)

What I mean when I say aggressive is, that I am talking about a very moderate aggression level that is easily manageable. And at the end of the day it brings more positive than negative effects as I have a much clearer focus and a sharper mind.  



5. Summary


For all those who are too lazy to read, let me give you a quick summary of all the above. :) 


Look out for Tongkat Ali manufactured in Indonesia.

Buy only Tongkat Ali root extract.

Avoid scammers by comparing price vs. quality ratio.

Use your knowledge and take the right purchase decision.




Now, there might be still a final question left:


Where to buy Tongkat Ali?


The again very simple answer is: You are able to decide yourself.


The aim on this page is not to animate people to buy from this or that shop. This page provides all the tools and the knowledge that you need, in order to take the right buying decision.


For more information about Tongkat Ali please visit our blog.


Please share this page with your friends and support us in our attempt cleaning up the industry.







Our company, The Tongkat Ali Shop Co., LTD, is specialized in distributing high quality Indonesian Tongkat Ali (Longjack) root extract powder to any part of the world. We provide a reliable, quick and discreet service. Contact us in case you have any questions.
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