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Tongkat Ali Canada - Where to buy Tongkat Ali when living in Canada?

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Tongkat Ali Canada - Where to buy Tongkat Ali when living in Canada? 



Genuine Tongkat Ali can be quite difficult to find and to order locally in Canada. There are a few legitimate sellers, however also plenty of shops which do not seem to sell Tongkat Ali of genuine quality.


Admittedly, it can be quite difficult to distinguish pure Tongkat Ali from FAKE Tongkat Ali for the regular buyer. However there are a few indicators that can help you taking the right decision before you decide to buy.


More general information about Tongkat Ali can be found here.


Malaysian vs. Indonesian Tongkat Ali. Indonesian Tongkat Ali is superior to Malaysian Tongkat Ali.


Tongkat Ali Powder vs. Tongkat Ali Extract vs. Tongkat Ali root extract. Tongkat Ali root extract is the most potent and effective Tongkat Ali available.


1:50 vs. 1:100 vs. 1:200 concentration. The higher the concentration, the more potent the Tongkat Ali. 1:200 is the most potent Tongkat Ali root extract available.



Crucial information that need to be clearly stated on the product label are as follows:

Name of the product. E.g. Tongkat Ali root extract

Origin. E.g. Indonesia

Concentration. E.g. 1:200

Content. E.g. 300mg Tongkat Ali root extract per capsule


If any of the above information are not visible on the label, this product should not be purchased as the risk is too high buying a FAKE or minor quality product.


If you are located in Canada, please visit the website of our Canada branch


More information about Tongkat Ali can be found on our blog



Our company, The Tongkat Ali Shop Co., LTD, is specialized in distributing high quality Indonesian Longjack root extract powder to any part of the world. We provide a reliable, quick and discreet service. Contact us in case you have any questions.




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