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Tongkat Ali UK - Where to buy Tongkat Ali when living in the UK?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Tongkat Ali UK - Where to buy genuine Tongkat Ali root extract in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?



In recent years, the UK has become one of the most important markets for the Tongkat Ali industry.


Tongkat Ali is a rather expensive herb, therefore be aware of cheap offers. We always recommend our clients to check the information provided on the packaging label.


There are major differences in terms of quality:

Tongkat Ali powder: The cheapest quality.

Tongkat Ali Extract: A concentrated form of Tongkat Ali powder.

Tongkat Ali root extract: Made only from the root parts of the plant, therefore highly concentrated with active ingredients. Find our more about the different Tongkat Ali quality levels in our explanation video here:



Learn also how to differentiate FAKE Tongkat Ali from real Tongkat Ali:



Be aware, in the UK there are plenty of companies where you can buy Tongkat Ali, however according to our research, only a few offer genuine quality. A good indicator to figure out whether or not the Tongkat Ali you intend to buy is legit, is to make sure all relevant information are displayed on the website and more importantly on the packaging label. Such as:


  • Origin of the Tongkat Ali.

  • Is it Tongkat Ali, Tongkat Ali extract or Tongkat Ali root extract.

  • What is the concentration (potency) of the Tongkat Ali.

  • How many mg Tongkat Ali per capsule.


More information about Tongkat Ali can be found on our website and our UK store.


Click here to visit TTAShop Tongkat Ali UK store


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