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Tongkat Ali USA - Where to buy Tongkat Ali when living in the USA?

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Tongkat Ali USA - Where to buy Tongkat Ali when living in the USA?



Tongkat Ali (longjack) is a very popular supplement in the USA. In recent years demand has been tremendously increasing. It seems that Tongkat Ali products are now available literally everywhere at very affordable prices. 


But you need to look twice in order not to get fooled. Tongkat Ali is a very expensive natural and organic supplement. If you find a product that claims to be real Tongkat Ali and the price appears to be super cheap, you should become suspicious.


Many vendors sell just plain Tongkat Ali powder, which is pretty much useless and it simply does not its job as the dose you are taking are way too low to notice any effect. What you need to look for is for a product that contains Tongkat Ali root extract. We sell Tongkat Ali root extract at 1:200 concentration which means that 200 KG Tongkat Ali roots have been used to produce 1 KG Tongkat Ali root extract. And now you see why taking Tongkat Ali powder is just money thrown out the window.


Before buying from any store, make sure the vendor provides the following information:


Product: 100% Tongkat Ali root extract

Whats in the capsule: 300mg of 100% Tongkat Ali root extract

How many capsules per container: 100 capsules

Concentration ratio: 1:200


The above is an example of our product. If you can not find these information on the website you intend to buy, you are not able to compare the quality of the product to its price and therefore you have an increased risk buying a product without any effect


We ship Tongkat Ali directly out of New York, Brooklyn by USPS. 


Buy Tongkat Ali here





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