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Why cycle Tongkat Ali? Why it is so important to cycle Tongkat Ali.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Why cycle Tongkat Ali? Why it is so important to cycle Tongkat Ali.



Tongkat Ali is a natural herbal supplement. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, Tongkat Ali does not cause instant noticeable results.


As any other natural supplement, it takes around 1-2 weeks to unfold its effects.


The human body works under the principle of addiction. Which means that the human body has the ability to adapt and to get used to any regular intake. If you take Tongkat Ali, after a couple of weeks your body will start to adapt to the daily intake.


As a consequence, over time you would need to increase your daily dose intake to maintain the same level of effects. However, that would be counter productive as you then literally have no other option to increase and increase the daily intake.


And even just to consider the higher cost involved it would not make sense to follow this procedure.


For that reason it is recommended to stop the intake of Tongkat Ali for a while to reset your bodies habits.


The are 2 scenarios which have been proven to work the best for the human body:


Scenario 1: Daily intake of Tongkat Ali for 4 weeks, then cycle off for 1 week and repeat.


Scenario 2: Take Tongkat Ali for 5 consecutive days, then cycle 2 days off and repeat.


By following the above you can be sure that your body will not adapt to Tongkat Ali  and you are not required to increase your daily intake. 


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