Tongkat Ali benefits

To ensure that Tongkat Ali works the way it is supposed to; is very important to be aware of a few important points. The market is flooded with fake Tongkat Ali products and Tongkat Ali of minor quality.

It is recommended to buy products that contain only 100% Tongkat Ali root extract. Tongkat Ali should not be mixed with other ingredients. Otherwise there is always the risk of not knowing what exactly is inside.

In addition, Tongkat Ali extract should be taken in a higher concentration. Many vendors offer Tongkat Ali in 1:50 concentration. We recommend consuming Tongkat Ali extract in 1:200 concentration due to its much higher effectiveness and also the price/value ratio is much better compared to Tongkat Ali in 1:50 concentration.

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What are the benefits taking Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali comes with a long list of benefits. The main benefit why most people take Tongkat Ali is:​​ Tongkat Ali increases free testosterone levels.

And with increased testosterone levels, you may experience other benefits such as:

  • Raised energy levels.

  • Sharper mind.

  • Increase in self-confidence.

  • Increase my sexual desire.

  • Faster metabolism.

Tongkat Ali benefits: Video

Tongkat Ali benefits: When do you start noticing them?

There is no definite answer to this question. Each human body reacts differently. Some people notice first effects immediately after a few days, some people start noticing effects after 3-4 weeks.


However, based on feedback from our clients and based on personal experience, the majority of people seem to start feeling first effects between day 7-10.

Tongkat Ali benefits - How to take it?

We always recommend to take Tongkat Ali in the morning before the first mean. You want to make sure that your stomach is empty when taking Tongkat Ali, this is the best time for your body to absorb all the active ingredients.

Tip: If you want to increase the absorption rate, take Tongkat Ali with a glass of Grapefruit juice. The active compounds in Grapefruit juice help your system to absorb the active ingredients much better. This way you can maximize all Tongkat Ali benefits.

Tongkat Ali benefits - What if you dont feel anything?

There are two possibilities you can take into consideration.
  • Dosage. In order to reap all the great Tongkat Ali benefits it is very important to properly dose Tongkat Ali in the amounts that are right for your body. Most people have great results taking either 2 or 3 capsules a day. You want to make sure that you take 'Tongkat Ali root extract' and not just 'Tongkat Ali extract' or 'Tongkat Ali powder'. Learn more about the quality differences of Tongkat Ali.
  • Medication. Do you take prescription drugs or possibly other medicine at the same time while taking Tongkat Ali? This might be the reason why Tongkat Ali does not work the way it should. In case you do take any medication or drugs and you want to supplement Tongkat Ali, always consult your physician and check if any interference are likely to occur.
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Tongkat Ali benefits and side effects

Now that we know what the Tongkat Ali benefits are, lets figure out if there are any possible side effects.


What are the side effects taking Tongkat Ali?

As we were talking about benefits, surely we have to mention possible side effects as well.

No. 1 side effect:

Less sleep. Since I take Tongkat Ali, my body literally needs less sleep. I always used to sleep my 8 hours straight a night, but since taking Tongkat Ali, I can hardly finish the 7 hours mark.


Now you might think that sleeping 1 hour less per night has an impact on my daily activity level. Yes it absolutely does! But in a positive way. I feel much more aware of my environment and feel a high level of energy compared to when I was sleeping 8 hours a night.


No. 2 side effect:

Sensitive people can notice a slightly elevated level of aggressiveness.

What we mean when we say 'aggressive', we are talking about a very moderate aggression level that is easily manageable. And at the end of the day it brings more positive than negative effects as you will develop a much clearer focus and a sharper mind.